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Windward Side Electric

Windward Side Electric

It’s not easy having electrical problems in your home or building. It may seem easy but putting a licensed electrician out of the equation can mean the difference between not being able to watch soap or football to burning the house down. So where can you find real electricians in Kaneohe? You can call us here at Windward Side Electric. We can help you with your electrical repairs, upgrades and installation.

A Windward Side Electric electrical repairman can help you with the following:

Residential Services – our licensed electricians can help you fix anything from busted plugs, replacing electrical outlets, landscape lighting services, circuit breakers, fuse boxes and make sure power flows through your thermostat or garage door.

Electrical Upgrades – If you’re building a house or live in an old one, our electricians can also help you with full electrical installations or upgrades, get rid of electrical violations and make sure power flows evenly through your home. Our upgrade services also include installation of smoke detectors, carbon detectors and even backup generators.

Indoor and Outdoor Wiring – our electricians in Kaneohe are adept at customized wiring if you live in a stylish home. We can help you with recessed lighting, dimmers and ceiling fans. We can also perform outdoor work such as pool and hot tub electrical circuits, security lights and motion detectors.

Emergency Services – We’re available around the clock because electrical problems aren’t choosy with time and may need to be addressed immediately. Our electricians are available 24/7. If your lights start strobing late at night, who you gonna call? It’s not ghosts. It may be something ready to blow. A Windward Side Electric Kaneohe electrician will be available at your disposal before or in case the sparks fly.

If you need any electrical help, contact us at:

Windward Side Electric
Kaneohe, Hawaii